After graduating from Indiana University with a BS degree in Biology/Education, I spent a few months teaching school. Even though I consider teaching a very noble profession, it didn’t take long for me to determine that it wasn’t a good fit for me. The secretarial skills that helped me pay for my education enabled me to secure an administrative position for the Sales Director of Amax Coal Company. In less than three years of working in a high energy sales environment, I knew that my life’s professional goal was in the field of sales. After much effort and many interviews, I landed a sales representative position with Xerox Corporation — a company reputed at that time to offer the ’best sales training in the world.’ I began my career with Xerox as a sales representative covering southern Indiana, was promoted two years later to the Branch Supply Specialist position, then promoted a year later to Sales Planning Manager – a position that required that I hire and train Xerox salespeople. This experience has made me a top negotiator in my area, and a “marketing machine” for my sellers. I usually have a “leg up” when representing my clients in tough and complicated negotiations. I believe most of my clients have appreciated (and even mentioned) that they were glad that I was the “agent on THEIR side!” I prove time and time again that I truly have my clients’ backs!

Although it’s true that being a full-time real estate professional has consumed a lot of my time over the past 30 years, I still try to carve out time for the people and things that I value most. I have two wonderful children who are the light of my life! Even though they’re both married and building their own lives thus making it more difficult to spend time with me, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for giving them to me! In my children’s absence, I have two adorable Shih Tzu, Fred and Ethel, that are the recipients of my maternal instincts — I can’t love and hug them enough!

In my spare time, I love attending rock concerts and am a lifelong fan of The Beatles — I have a room that is almost solely dedicated to their memory with tons of Beatles memorabilia! I also enjoy boating, traveling and entertaining my family and friends.

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